The MTBM you need.

Rob Carr was one of Australia’s first contractors to use microtunnelling.

Since then, we refurbished, extended and renewed our slurry pressure balanced Micro Tunnel Boring Machine (MTBM) to offer the largest range of tunnel diameters, over long distances, through any ground possible.

Slurry Pressure Balance


The slurry pressure balanced technique can be used in all ground conditions and greatly limits the potential for over-excavation.

Dedicated machines are commonly used to construct pipelines between 300mm and 2,200mm OD over long distances under live rail, roads and water ways.

The slurry generated and recycled by the tunnelling process is used to counterbalance earth and hydrostatic pressure at the face of the machine to provide immediate tunnel support. The technique is especially beneficial in ground consisting of a high water table.

As the machine progressively moves forward constructing the tunnel, rigid jacking pipe is immediately thrust behind the machine to ensure the tunnel is lined with structural pipe, ensuring the integrity and full continuous support of the tunnel at all times.

Total Distance Drilled
Longest Drive Realized
Deepest Drive Realized

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Rob Carr operates throughout
Australia and New Zealand…

…through multiple offices in
Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.

You have a project?

Rob Carr widely operates in
Australia and New-Zealand…

…through multiple offices in
Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.