Deep Shaft Experts.

Specialist capability to safely undertake deep shaft construction in all ground conditions.

With in-house design and construct capability, Rob Carr provides total solutions for clients requiring any type of shaft construction. We can prepare detailed design drawings for conventional shafts and underpinned or in-situ caissons, obtain RPEQ certification of the design, provide all equipment and ultimately self-perform the construction.

Our techniques


Caisson Sinking

This technique is most effective when used in wet, non self-supporting soils such as silt, sand and clay and enables us to achieve significant depths.We have successfully constructed caissons up to 12m in diameter and 20m in depth, with the capability to achieve more extensive depths where required.

Caisson Underpinning
Most effective for shafts in self-supporting soils such as stiff clays and rock and is a safe proven method for extreme depths. We utilise this technique on our urban sites where construction is confined to a small footprint. We have constructed underpinned precast segments up to 9m in diameter and 27m in depth.
Secant Piling

The shaft is constructed by forming a wall of intersecting reinforced concrete pile. This technique is used in difficult ground (cobbles, boulders)


Projection of concrete at high velocity on the wall pre-reinforced by steel rods or mesh.

Steel Shoring

Our extensive range of shoring boxes allows us to quickly secure shallow shafts.

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Rob Carr operates throughout
Australia and New Zealand…

…through multiple offices in
Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.

You have a project?

Rob Carr widely operates in
Australia and New-Zealand…

…through multiple offices in
Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.