Surf Street, Mermaid Beach and Dowling Street, Southport Drainage Improvements

Project Location

Gold Coast
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Project Description

The objective of this Gold Coast City Council project was to upgrade the existing drainage lines. Stage 1 of this project was located at Surf St, Mermaid Beach and involved constructing launch and receival shafts to facilitate tunnelling works, installation via microtunnelling of 1500mm and 1800mm ID RCP jacking pipes and installation via open trenching of DN 450mm and 525mm FRCP, including the construction of manholes, gullies and other ancillary works. Horizontal drilling (piloting) was undertaken before commencement of tunnelling works to reduce risk. Stage 2 took place at Dowling Drive in Southport and involved similar works. Both projects required temporary stormwater systems designed, supplied, installed and operated throughout the duration of the project and removal upon completion.


January to December 2016

Gold Coast City Council

Value range
$5-$10 million