Dawesville Infill Sewerage Program

Project Location

Dawesville, WA 6211
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Project Description

In 2010, the WA Government in consultation with Water Corporation and the Department of Health identified the coastal suburb of Dawesville as a priority for inclusion in the Water Corporation’s state-wide Infill Sewerage Program, whereby established areas using septic tanks for domestic waste water disposal are connected to the existing sewerage infrastructure network. The Dawesville community is located on the Peel inlet side of Dawesville, known for its excellent recreational water activities and rich marine life. After extensive design and planning, the Water Corporation awarded the project construction to Rob Carr Pty Ltd in May 2013. The project consisted of the construction of gravity sewers, pumping stations and pressure mains for reticulation areas and a DN300 connecting sewer. The project team was recognised at the state Civil Contractors Federation 2016 Awards for excellence in project delivery in the category for contracts valued between $10–$30 million.


May 2013 - June 2016

Water Corporation

Value range
$19 million