Project Description


With Mount Isa City Council sewerage infrastructure already at capacity, the Council was in urgent need of upgrading its sewerage infrastructure to cope with the additional demands of new developments proposed for the southern part of the city, primarily driven by the expansion of the Xstrata mineral mine.

Much of the existing sewerage infrastructure required significant upgrading to cope with this new demand, especially given the age of the existing infrastructure and existing significant infiltration issues. As there was also no provision within the trunk reticulation system for any significant emergency storage, it was imperative that the infrastructure was augmented and upgraded to enable development in the southern part of the city, provide greater operational flexibility and to protect the environment.

Rob Carr Pty Ltd was engaged by Mount Isa City Council to manage, construct and deliver the entire project. Rob Carr Pty Ltd self performed the all the major portions of work which involved the construction of approximately 8km of trunk sewer rising mains, the construction of a major new sewage pumping station (PS01) adjacent to an existing pumping station, modifications to an existing pumping station (PS04), including construction of an emergency storage tank and changes to the pump controls, construction of a new pumping station (PS18) and construction of 0.8km of gravity sewer reticulation systems in two separate areas as well as 2 microtunnels. Much of the work was constructed through varying ground conditions with a major portion of the pipeline excavated through rock. The work involved construction of the pipeline through central portions of the town as well as brownfield and greenfield areas.

Mount Isa City Council

Mount Isa, QLD

Type of contract:
Head Contract / Design & Construct

Value Range:
$10 million – $15 million

Construction period:
Jul 2013 – Jan 2014

Trunk Sewer Rising Mains
Gravity Sewer



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