Project Description


The Simpson Street Drainage project involved the Design and Construction for the rehabilitation and lining of an existing open-cut stormwater tunnel some 140m long.

The rehabilitation works undertaken by Rob Carr, involved excavation within the existing tunnel, shaping the drain to a uniform size and shape to allow the installation of the new liner. Due to the confined nature of the existing tunnel, all the excavation was undertaken by hand, with the spoil removed to the surface through the tunnel and up a 20m deep access shaft. The use of mechanical horizontal transport and vertical  lifting aids specifically designed and fabricated inhouse, were employed to aid with removing the spoil and additionally allowing for the efficient installation of the lining pipework. An existing concrete encased sewer pipe located in the invert of the tunnel gave the tunnel an unusual shape, which was matched with a specifically designed bespoke shaped GRP liner to match. The special GRP liner, was sourced from overseas and was supplied in segments for ease of handling and installation.

The project was completed safely and successfully providing the client with an engineered, value for money solution.

Warrnambool Regional Council

Warrnambool, VIC

Type of contract:
Design & Construct

Value Range:
< $2 million

Construction period:
Dec 2018 – Apr 2019




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